A database of germline genomic variation in healthy older women.

All genetic variants on this site are from germline DNA of approximately 10,000 women, approximately 7,000 European American and 3,000 African American, older than age 70 years who have never had cancer. The participants are Fabulous Ladies Over Seventy (FLOSSIES).

Germline DNA of each participant has been sequenced for 27 genes known or suggested to harbor mutations that predispose to breast cancer. Frequencies and profiles of variants in these healthy older women can serve as controls for evaluating variants encountered in these genes.

The FLOSSIES project is a joint effort of the King Lab at the University of Washington (Tom Walsh, Suleyman Gulsuner, Ming Lee, and Mary-Claire King); Color Genomics; and the Women’s Health Initiative (Megan Skinner Herndon, Peggy Porter, and Garnet Anderson). The project is approved as WHI ancillary study AS538.